African man reads small BibleHand holds cell phone next to DVD player in bamboo walled houseSmoke filters through roof of Amazon jungle thatched roof homPastor preaches in corrigated and canvas Sierra Leon churchAfrican pastor creates course on solar powered laptopThatched roof home, church and school in Mae La Oon, ThailandOral Strategies workshop outside in Mae La Oon, ThailandTwo women practice Bible story telling with small groupMAF-LT Nampa Headquarters BuildingEstante logo and tablet displayMan speaks on cell phone next to bamboo walled jungle home in Costa RicaUSB drive in front of 40 pound stack of booksAfrican woman speaks to group under a tree with airplane in backgroundMissionary demonstrates solar powered audio player to Lisu woman in ThailandBible lays atop notebook computer at recent LT meetingMan works at computer with two displaysAfrican leader trains pastors in village settingMan works with camera and computersSolar panel in front of African thatched roof homeThai Bible student practices telling a Bible storyCliff-side road carried away by landslide
In Africa many leaders might share one Bible, but everyone has a cell phone - now Scripture goes digital.
90% of the world's population has access to cellular signal - even in Central American Jungles.
God's people work where ever He plants them. Good training helps them minister effectively.
Pastor Bambay teaches his flock on a Sunday morning near Freetown, Sierra Leone.
Isolated pastors create training material for their flock using tools MAF-Learning Technologies developed.
Pastor's home, school, and church in Thailand's jungle mountains - to God, just like a cathedral.
Bible school students in Mae La Oon, Thailand learn to share the Word through Bible Storytelling.
Laura and Susan practice Bible Storytelling before heading to minister overseas.
From our headquarters in Nampa, Idaho, our teams support isolated leaders around the world.
Church leaders anywhere can create and share resources on mobile AndroidTM devices with Estante.
This Ngobe pastor in the southern Costa Rica jungle uses a cell phone to keep in touch with his people.
Phil compiled 40 pounds of Bibles and reference material onto one USB drive for a remote Bible school.
Trained leaders - even in the African bush - can minister effectively where 2 or 3 gather in Christ's name.
This Lisu oral learner now has the entire Bible available to her on this solar-powered audio player.
Professors and geeks united in Christ minister on the same team.
App developers and software engineers find fruitful fields of service with Learning Technologies.
Trained Church leaders disciple new leaders even in Earth's forgotten corners.
God calls geeks like Brendan to minister with their tech skills.
Even 200 miles in the bush, technology helps spread the Gospel. This solar panel can power a laptop.
An aspiring church leader in Mae La Oon, Thailand practices ministering with an oral Bible study.
Sometimes our best efforts can't prevent isolation. But the isolated church thrives with trained leaders.