Educators in larger seminaries and institutions of higher learning frequently create online courses using Moodle (open-source CMS).

Moodle works well on the web, but what about isolated educators without access to an Internet connection? Should they be excluded from online education and resources?
With Poodle, they’re not!

Created by MAF-Learning Technologies (MAF-LT) for an audience without access to the Internet, Poodle is Moodle made portable.

African Pastor with laptop

  • Poodle is a version of Moodle that mounts on portable drives e.g., USB sticks, memory cards, HDD's, etc.
  • Poodle’s security features leave no electronic fingerprint when proper shutdown procedures are followed.
  • Poodle is created in a widely-used format that works with other portable apps and desktop applications such as Adobe Acrobat, etc. without the need to install any software.
  • Poodle is offered at no cost by MAF-LT

Poodle is open-source software that includes:

  1. Installation and setup guide, including instructions for preparing Poodle for use on a USB flash drive
  2. Audio and video presentations
  3. Forum for asking questions, getting help, and sharing user experience, for those with Internet access
Technical Information
Mount a Moodle Course with Poodle
  1. Download poodle-x.x.zip (requires an Internet connection)
  2. Download and/or create the desired course material (may require an Internet connection)
  3. Configure the course on a local computer
  4. Transfer the course to portable drives for distribution to the students
Poodle Downloads
Poodle Support
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