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Many people have produced Christian literature collections in the heart-languages of the world. Unfortunately, these collections often exist only in hard-copy. They sit hidden and unused on a shelf.

Ibidem builds digital libraries that preserve valuable resources and makes them readily available to anyone ministering in those languages.

Ibidem focuses on the data entry processes, making it efficient and ensuring high-quality data. And it’s written in a way to easily share that data with other systems (like Greenstone) via OAI-PMH.

While Ibidem was developed primarily for religious ministries, it serves as a general purpose tool, suitable for building collections in any domain.

Technical Information
Pre-populated with these field sets
  • Dublin Core
  • Extended Dublin Core
  • Our custom Religious Ministries set
  • Arbitrary number of custom field names (metadata)
  • Build custom field sets
  • Supports any file type
  • Multi-tenant: 1 installation supports arbitrary number of customers
  • User level security
  • Controlled Vocabulary
  • Open Source
Demo Server
  • Down for Maintenance. We'll have it restored shortly

  • Super-user login:
    • Username: ibidem
    • Password: ibidem
  • Customer Admin login:
    • Username: admin1
    • Password: admin1
  • Basic User login: needs to be created by a Customer Admin
Technical Support